Cyrus Redblock (Ready Made)


Ready Made Cyrus Redblock Puzzle Box

Can be supplied decorated using the images in the pictures or any design of your choice.

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Ready Made Cyrus Redblock Puzzle Box

A Kit is also available for this product.

Looking rather like a solid block of wood, this is another sliding panel puzzle box. Moving three of the side panels will allow you to get the lid off, thinking that you’ve done the puzzle. But there is a secret drawer hidden in the bottom, and you have to move all four of the side panels to get the drawer out. There are more moves to get the drawer out, than there are to release the lid, and the box is deep enough to disguise the fact that there is a drawer there at all. This kit is made from 1/8″ birch plywood.

Outside dimensions approx.: 4 1/2″ length, 4 1/4″ width, 3 1/2″ depth
Inside dimensions approx.: 3 1/2″ length, 3 1/4″ width, 2 1/8″ depth
Hidden Drawer dimensions approx.: 3 3/8″ length, 3 3/8″ width, 5/8″ depth

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