Tea Caddy (Ready Made)

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Ready Made Puzzle Box – Tea Caddy

It can be supplied decorated in the images as shown in the pictures or any images of your choice.

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Ready Made – Tea Caddy Puzzle Box.

A Kit is also available for this product.

Since tea was first discovered and brought to England, we Brits
love our cup of tea. But for a very long time, tea very expensive,

and only the middle and upper classes could afford to buy it.
The middle and upper classes also had lots of servants, but it
was thought that the lower classes shouldn’t be allowed to drink
tea-it was much too posh for them.
So tea was kept in an ornate wooden box with a lock and key.
If the Master of the house wanted a cup of tea, he summoned
a maid to bring an empty tea-pot. Then he unlocked the tea
caddy, and carefully doled out two spoonfulls of tea. The maid
went off down to the kitchen to fill the tea-pot with boiling
water, while the Master locked away the tea caddy.
This box could be used as a proper Tea Caddy if you were mean,
but it doesn’t have a key. Instead, strips around the outside have
to be manipulated to release the two tea boxes.

Size of this box is approx. 6″ by 4-1/4″ by 4

Watch in action!







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1 review for Tea Caddy (Ready Made)

  1. Iain (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my girlfriends birthday. It has been well made with the components having a solid feel and movement to them. We haven’t quite solved it yet but are resisting looking at the instructions for a little bit longer!

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