Plain Old Box (Ready Made)


Ready Made Puzzle Box – Plain Old Box

It can be supplied decorated in the images as shown in the pictures or any images of your choice.

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Ready Made – Plain Old Box Puzzle Box.

A Kit is also available for this product.

Just a plain looking, ordinary box is another “sliding panel” puzzle box. But wait! Where are the “hidden” sliders? There are NO sliders! Every outer panel is a complete, whole piece of wood! That means that the panels themselves must be moved. Right, so it’s fairly easy then. Wrong. It starts easy enough, but halfway through becomes harder, because every sliding panel can now move in two directions…
It takes 18 moves to open the lid, and quite a few more to remove every panel. Assembly is a little tricky, but not too hard.

Outside dimensions: 4″ length, 2 1/2″ width, 2″ depth
Inside dimensions: 2 3/4″ length, 2 1/4″ width, 7/8″ depth

Watch in action!






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Box Kit

Box Kit With The Plan, Box Kit Without The Plan


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